About Lim Young Kyun

Lim, Young Kyun was born in Daegu, Korea. He has had solo exhibitions in galleries and museums in Korea, The United States, Europe, China etc., and participated in many international solo and group exdjsdjdjdjhibitions such as, British Museum(London, 2007), Smithsonian American Art Museum(Washington D.C., 2013), Translated Acts (Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin, 2001), Alienation and Assimilation (Museum of Contemporary Photography, Chicago). His photographs are in the Many Important collections of such institutions as Museum of Modern Art (New York), The National Museum of Contemporary Art (Seoul), International Center of Photography (New York) George Eastman House, International Museum of Photography(New York). Munster stadt Museum(Germany) Also he had taken “Fulbright Award” and “Top 10 Photographers” nominated by curator Mary Forest who had worked at Smithonian Institute in Washington D.C.. Nowadays, he lives and works in Seoul and New York. 



1985.9-1987.8 NYU University / Graduate School Photography

1982.9-1984.9 New York International Center of Photography ICP / N.Y

1974.3-1978.3 Chung-ang Art Department Photography University

Solo Exhibition

2014. 5    <Prism - New Media Art with Nam June Paik> Gyeongnam Art Museum (Gyeongsangnam-do, Korea)

2014. 4    <A day with Nam June Paik> GMoMA (Ansan, Korea)

2013. 9     <Last Paradise> Solmondo Gallery (Paris, France)

2011. 5     <Antarctica Story> Syo Gallery <Daegu, Korea)

2010. 10   <Antarctica Series 2008 – 2010> Harrington Mill Studio (Nottingham, England)

2010. 6    <In Memory of Nam Jun Paik> Paris Korean Culture Center (Paris, France)

2009. 10   <Destiny> Space DA .798 (Beijing, China)

2009. 10   <Antarctica Series> Photographer’s Gallery (Tokyo, Japan)

2008. 4    <Korean and Chinese Artists Portrait> Exhibition Wall Project. Beijing Korea Culture

Center (Beijing, China)

2007.2     <Portraits of Nam June Paik> England British Museum (England, London)

2006.9     <Portraits of Artists> Seoul Arts Center (Seoul, Korea)

2006. 10   <In Memory of Nam June Paik> 1982-2000. 2x13 Gallery (New York, USA)

2006. 9    <In Memory of Nam June Paik> Andrew Shire Gallery (L.A, USA)

2006. 4    <In Memory of Nam June Paik> Shinla Gallery (Daegu, Korea)

2005. 12   <Portraits of Nam June Paik> Seoul Photo Triennial. Seoul Art Museum (Seoul,


2005. 6    <Destiny> vhs Photogalerie (Stuttgart, Germany)

2004. 11   <Portrait of Artist> Gwangju Shinsaege Department Store Gallery

(Gwangju, Korea)

2004. 10  <Portrait of Artist> Sun Gallery (Seoul, Korea)

2004. 4   <Daily Life> Andrew Shire Gallery (Los Angeles, USA)

2004. 2   <Destiny> Thessaloniki Museum of Photography (Thessaloniki, Greece)

2003. 11  <Daily Life> Park Young Duk Gallery (Seoul, Korea)

2003. 10  <Destiny> Aura Gallery (Shanghai, China)

2003. 9  <Face of Our Time> Photographer's Gallery (Tokyo, Japan)

2003. 4   <Palais fur aktuelle Kunst : Kunstverein Gluckstadt> (Gluckstadt, Germany)

2002. 12  <Destiny> Landesmuseum Oldenberg (Oldenberg, Germany)

2002. 9  <Destiny> Stadt Munster Museum (Munster, Germany)

2002. 5  <Face of Our Time> Park Young Duk Gallery (Seoul, Korea)

2001. 1   <Face of Our Time> Rosenberger Gallery (New York, USA)

2000. 1   <Seoul Odyssey> Gallery Lux (Seoul, Korea)

1998. 10  <Portrait of Artist> Paris Korean Culture Center (Paris, France)

1998. 4   <Portrait of Artist> RMIT Gallery 9 (Melbourne, Australia)

1997. 4   <Face of Our Time> Dukwon Gallery (Seoul, Korea)

1997. 4   <Photographic Diary> Gallery 9 (Seoul, Korea)

1993. 9   <Portrait of Artist> Toe Art Space (Seoul. Korea)

1991. 11  <Miruk> Toe Art Space (Seoul, Korea)

1989. 11  <Korean Artists in New York> National Modern Museum (Gwachun, Korea)

1988. 12  <Landscape> Ingong Gallery (Daegu, Korea)

1987. 11  <Korean Artists in New York> Soho Photo Gallery (New York, USA)

1986. 12  <Landscape> Washington Square Gallery (New York, USA)

1979. 9   <Photographic Diary> Duksu Art Museum (Seoul, Korea)

Group Exhibition

2012. 12  <Nam Jun Paik, Global Visionary> Smithsonian American Art Museum                      (Washington DC)

2010. 10  Fulbright Alummi Honoring the 60th Anniversary of the Fulbright Program

in Korea. Seoul Arts Center (Seoul, Korea)

2010. 10  Korea - Spain Diplomatic Celebrating 60th Photography Exhibition. Pale

de Seoul Gallery (Seoul, Korea)

2010. 7  <Modern Photography of Aspect> Exhibition. Korea Museum (Yongin, Korea)

2010. 5  <Bodies in Question> New York Photo Festival. Dumbo Art Center (New York,


2010. 4   <Strange Room> Seoul Art Museum (Seoul, Korea)

2009. 9   <CAMERA WORK> Seoul Art Museum (Seoul, Korea)

2008. 2   London Korea Culture Center Opening Exhibition (London, England)

2008. 4   <History..Human & Environment> Beijing Korea Culture Center (Beijing, China)

2007. 2   I.C.P 20th Anniversary Opening Exhibition (New York, USA)

2006. 6   <Modern Photography Exhibition Angle of Humanity>

              (Gwangju Art Museum, Korea)

2006. 6   <Over the Memories> Seoul Art Museum (Seoul, Korea)

2006. 5   KIAF, COEX Pacific Hall Exhibition Space (Seoul, Korea)

2005. 10  Cologne Art Fair Korean Exhibition (Cologne, Germany)

2005. 4   Chicago Art Fair. Park Young Duk Gallery (Chicago, USA)

2004. 5   <Unpluged Theater> Park Young Duk Gallery (Seoul, Korea)

2004. 2   <San Francisco Art Fair> Park Young Duk Gallery (San Francisco, USA)

2002. 12  <East of Yellow Sea> Shanghai Biennale. DDM Ware house (Shanghai, China)

2002. 10  <Translated Acts> Instituto Nacional de Bellas Artes (Mexico)

2002. 10  Esplanade Theatres on the Bay. Visual Art Opening Festival (Singapore)

2002. 9   Seoul International Media Art Biennale (Seoul, Korea)

2002. 7  <Perspective of Korean Contemporary Photography> Donggang Photography Festival

2002 (Gangwondo, Korea)

2002. 5  <Digital Art Network> (Seoul World Cup Stadium Subway Station, Korea)

2002. 4  <Asia Photography> Biennale. Gallery La Mar (Seoul, Korea)

2002. 4  <Lim Young Kyun & Moriyama Daido> 2 person Exhibition. Jun Gallery (Seoul, Korea)

2002. 4  <Face of Our Time> Pruss & Ochs Gallery (Berlin, Germany)

2002. 3  <Moving Museum> National Modern Museum (Gwachun, Korea)

2002. 4  <Nam Jun Paik & Media Art> Exhibition. Yonsei University (Seoul, Korea)

2002. 1  <In & Out> Korea, China, Japan Exhibition. Park Young Duk Gallery (Seoul,


2001. 10 <Translated Acts> Queens Museum (New York, USA)

2001. 3  <Translated Acts> Hause Der Kultur Die Welt (Berlin, Germany)

2000. 12 <City Exhibition> Gallery Lux (Seoul, Korea)

2000. 2  <Alienation and Assimilation> San Francisco Asian Modern Museum (San Francisco,


1999. 1  <Visual Extension of Photography> National Modern Museum (Seoul, Korea)

1998. 11 <Korea Korean> Press Center (Seoul, Korea)

1998. 9  <'98 Seoul Photo> Exhibition. Seoul Art Museum (Seoul, Korea)

1998. 5  Chicago Art Fair (Chicago, USA)

1998. 4  <Alienation and Assimilation> Chicago Modern Photography Museum (Chicago, USA)

1997. 9  <'97 Seoul Photo> Exhibition. Seoul Art Museum (Seoul)

1997. 5  <Importance of Living> Sunam Museum (Seoul, Korea)

1996. 9  <'96 Seoul Photo> Exhibition. Seoul Art Museum (Seoul, Korea)

1995. 6  <DMZ> Exhibition. Gallery Mooksi (Seoul, Korea)

1994. 1  <Trend in Contemporary Photography>Seoul Arts Center (Seoul, Korea)

1992. 1-11 <Touring Exhibition of Korean Contemporary Art> 92 Japan Tour Exhibition (Tokyo,

Japan), Artsonje Museum (Gyeongju, Korea)

1991. 11 <Beautiful Seoul> National Modern of Contemporary Art Museum (Seoul, Korea)

1988. 9  <New Wave Photography> Walker Hill Art Center (Seoul, Korea)

1986. 11 <Old and New Photography> Stiker Stoker Gallery (New York, USA)

1985. 11 <Korean-American Photography Exhibition – Nam Jun Paik & 14 artists> (Joong-ang Ilbo

New York Branch, USA)

1985. 11 <Lighting and Vision> Gallery Korea (New York, USA)

1985. 2  <Self Portrait> Gallery Minor (New York, USA)

1981. 10 <Urbanscape> New City Theatre (New York, USA)

Permanent Collection

2010   Seoul Art Museum (Seoul, Korea)

2009   National Modern of Contemporary Art Museum (Seoul, Korea)

2005   Seoul Art Museum (Seoul, Korea)

2004   George Eastman House International Museum of Photography (New York, USA)

2004   Thessaloniki Museum of Photography (Thessaloniki, Greece)

2002   Mayor office at Munster (Munster, Germany)

2002   Landesmuseum fur Kunst und Kulturgeschichte (Oldenberg, Germany)

1998   <Photography Book> Museum of Modern Art (New York, USA)

1997   Hwan-Ki Museum of Art (Seoul, Korea)

1992   International Center of photography (I. C. P) (New York, USA)

1989   National Modern of Contemporary Art Museum (Seoul, Korea)


Lim Young Kyun ㅣ 임영균

Photographer ㅣ Seoul, Korea | New York, NY | limswork@gmail.com


Lim Young Kyun ㅣ 임영균 ㅣ Photographer ㅣ Seoul, Korea | New York, NY ㅣ limswork@gmail.com